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It is far too common for us to overlook the impact that a person’s household situation has on his or her personality when assessing an individual’s character. We habitually place the blame on the guy for any omissions or mistakes that we have watched him make while in our presence. As a result, we pass judgment on him and label him for the wrongdoing that he has committed. This mental bias that we have a tendency to exhibit represents an error in attribution since it hinders us from looking beyond the nature of the individual. However, it is possible that the individual’s environment has an impact on his or her conduct. And, more often than not, that environment includes the house in which he resides.

What happens to a person when they live in a dysfunctional household? Family conflict can manifest itself in a variety of ways. Delinquency in the children or family discord are examples of what can happen. Every now and again, in an effort to prevent incessant bickering, parents will simply choose to overlook the presence of an issue, and the children will simply follow suit. Consequently, some level of tranquility and calm is obtained. What kind of peace can be achieved when family members simply pretend that everything is fine?

Take, for example, the widespread problem of infidelity in marriage. What if the parents simply claimed that a situation like this did not exist, despite the fact that it did? Yes, there is a sense of calm. And the members of the family go about their business in a cheerful manner. However, this is only for the sake of appearances. When you look into the hearts and thoughts of everyone in the household, what do you find? This circumstance, in which a household just ignores the existence of some challenges, can also occur in instances involving family members who have vices, engage in dysfunctional conduct or even abuse. Family members turn a deafening blind eye to what is truly taking place.

Individuals who find themselves in such a predicament cannot be expected to behave properly in the outside world, and vice versa. They will be affected in some way, shape, or form, whether emotionally, cognitively, or even behaviorally.

We cannot simply pretend that everything is well in the belief that these difficulties would simply disappear. Simply dismissing the existence of such issues will not bring lasting peace. On the contrary, it will serve to ensure their continued existence while also causing mental instability among members of the family. True peace in the home can only be reached when problems are identified and addressed immediately and effectively.

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