Over this past weekend, Black Men In Fashion.com had been overwhelmed with the traffic from our customers to the website.  The recommendation we received was moving the server to a new hosting client to support the traffic based on the website error messages.  There were periods of time when the website crashed because of heavy traffic. This unexpected and surprising revelation has prompted two websites; one specifically for the catalog pursuant and the other for free retail shopping.

To be quite clear and transparent, we hit a large growth spirt due to the insurmountable support of our fans and customers.  It is a great feeling to exceed expectations rapidly.  Did you know in the month of April we added 6,000 or more follow? Our email database is currently over 300,000, by the end of the year, we expect to surpass 1 Million followers.

A company of 2 people and a ton of learning about vendors and customer service by email, text, and social media, we are thankful that our mistakes have been minimal and our success is large.

Now, here’s the exciting part!  As a Small Business, we want to help promote other businesses and budding entrepreneurs.  Here’s how…marketing can be expensive and finding brand ambassadors willing to share their network can be costly.  Interesting enough, we offer low-cost advertisement on our social media platforms and now our digital interactive catalogs.

By filling out the form below you can take advantage of advertising your business in the digital interactive catalogs, email newsletters, app (coming soon), and social media for $50 per Ad (Includes the design of ad). You will receive an invoice based on the information you provided in the form.  Questions are welcomed!

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